LOOK: Sass Sasot Nakalikom ng P500K Para Sampahan si Jover Laurio sa Kasong Libel

Pro-Duterte blogger Sass Rogando Sasot successfully raised $10,000 (₱500,000) for the libel case that she’s preparing against Pinoy Ako Blog owner Maria Josephina Vergina “Jover” Laurio.

The blogger raised half a million pesos only within 24 hours by using the platform gavagives.com.

According to her gavagives description, Sasot said that she need the funds to cover the legal expenses for her battle against the blogger who called her an ‘international prostitute’, an accusation of Laurio which Sasot debunked.

Her fellow blogger, Krizette Laureta Chu also shared to her followers that a family friend of the Laurio family even wanted to help the fund raising against the Pinoy Ako Blog owner.

“Some people have reached out because “tinakbuhan ng utang,” some because they think she’s very “mayabang,” some told me about Jover threatening somebody with a libel case in Samar, many are launching their own investigations to doublecheck the half truths Jover has been saying on social media.” Ms. Chu said in her Facebook post.

Sasot ensured that all the people who wanted their contribution private would remain anonymous.

Sasot who recently finished his studies in the Netherlands, said that she’s going to file the case against Laurio on November.

“I have just recently finished my master’s (graduating this month). And my current bread-and-butter is my job as an opinion columnist in the Manila Times. I’d be needing help to cover the legal expenses of this legal battle against Jover Laurio who seems to be being backed by the machinery of the Liberal Party of the Philippines.” Sasot said.

“I foresee a long battle ahead and I would appreciate any help I could get. The target of filing of the case is next month, November.” she added.

Sasot also recounted how she was slandered by Jover Laurio of Pinoy Ako Blog after she exposed the leaked alleged e-mail sent by Imelda Nicolas to the Yahoogroup Global Dispora Council, also known as the “#LeniLeaks expose”

Laurio, published the libelous article on June 10, 2017, against Sasot and even posted a photo of the pro-Duterte blogger together with the ‘price rates’ of her ‘service’

“The next day, January 5, Jover Laurio of Pinoy Ako Blog posted on her Facebook Page an accusation that I am working as a paid escort. That post was even accompanied by one of my pictures.” Sasot said.

“Yet despite that explanation, on January 10, Jover Laurio wrote another post, this time posting another picture of mine with accompanying prices” Sasot added.

On January 5, Jover Laurio started to slander Sass Sasot by accusing her of being a prostitute in the Netherlands and posted a photo of Sasot wearing a sexy costume.

The owner of PAB said that she understand why Sasot chosen to be a ‘troll’ because that kind of job is easier than being a ‘paid escort’

“Hindi ko alam kung legal ang prostitution sa Netherlands. Legal man o hindi, I will not judge you base kung ano ang hanapbuhay mo noon. Buhay mo yan, pinili mo ang ganung sitwasyon sa panahong yun. Mas naiintindihan ko na ngayon kung bakit mas pinili mong maging troll. Bagamat mali pa din ang pinili mong hanapbuhay hindi ka na masyadong mahihirapan.” Laurio said.

“Medyo naiintindihan ko na kung bakit mas pinili mong ibenta ang iyong konsensya, kapalit naman nito ay ang pagligtas sa iyong katawan sa pang bababoy.” Laurio said.

On the same day, Sasot responded on the accusations against her and she said that the photo of her wearing sexy outfits were taken during different events in North America, South America and Manila.

However, despite of the explanation, Laurio published the blog on January 10, after her page got unpublished by Facebook apparently because of the mass report that she received from the netizens after she accused Sass Sasot again of being an international prostitute.

“Hindi ko sya binastos nor hinarass.  As I said,  wala akong pakialam kung International prostitute sya dati,  or kung anuman ang hanapbuhay niya. My main concern is kung paano sya magpakalat ng kasinungalingan sa social media.” Laurio said in her blog.

Sasot said said that she didn’t really mind the tirades of Laurio against her, but the thing that it bothers her the most is when Pinoy Ako Blog called her “Ate Allantroy”. Allantroy is Sasot’s legal name which she’s no longer use.

“Since then, Jover Laurio has often targeted me in her blog. I don’t really mind her tirades on whatever I say. Besides the libellous claim that I work as a prostitute here in the Netherlands, what bothered me is the way she has deadnamed me every time she posted.” Sasot said.

Until recently, most of her tirades against me starts with “Dear Ate Allantroy.” Allantroy is my birth legal name. A name that I no longer use, save for legal documents, as that name don’t represent the gender I live.” Sasot added.

After PAB finally revealed her real identity last week, Sasot quickly made her decision to bring her battle with Laurio in the court.

As of writing,  500+ netizens already funded the legal expenses of Sasot and as of writing, the people who are raising funds for Sasot still increasing.

According to Sasot, the excess money for her fundraising would be donated for the summit of the United DDS Europe in April.

Source: Sass Rogando Sasot, Gavagives.com, PinoyAkoBlog

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